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Kord Prevent Ich 16 Oz

Prevent Ich Fish Disease Inhibitor

UPC: 048054395567

Manufacture: Kordon/Oasis (Novalek)

Making a proper diagnosis is one of the biggest challenges facing the aquarist or pond keeper.

Discovering the onset of an illness and determining the proper response is critical in the animal's survival and errors are often made. These errors can be fatal. Prevent-Ich is a treatment composed of 100% organic ingredients. It's broad spectrum of activity and lack of toxicity make Prevent-Ich effective without requiring a specific diagnosis. It stops parasitic invasions from getting started and in turn prevents many secondary infections. It is effective against Ichthyophthirius (ich) as well as many other protozoans (single cell parasites such as Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, and in salt water Crytocaryon (saltwater ich) and Amyloodinium. In short, Prevent-Ich helps fishes fight off infections while the fishes themselves are still strong.

The herbals used in Prevent-Ich have been selected because they have been shown to have a powerful effect against aquatic diseases, yet are far more forgiving on the animals than harsh chemicals. What Kordon has created , led by Dr. Michael Tierra - a well known herbalist whose books on natural botanical treatments are widely read - is to carefully determine which herbals can be used together to cover a wide spectrum of aquatic diseases. The result is completely unique, very effective, and truly easy to use.

Treats up to 960 gallons.

  • 16 oz

  • Our Price: $8.54

    Availability: In-Stock.
    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 February, 2012.



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